If you haven’t heard of it, or you’re interested in more details, then you need to continue reading. Simply put, the Rubicon Trail is one of those Bucket List destinations for American off-roaders The 22-miles of alternating 4×4 trail and road has something for everyone.
Located in California’s historic gold rush territory, the trail snakes its way through parts of the Sierra Nevada range.
Approximately 63-miles east of Sacramento, on Interstate 50, is the junction with Icehouse Road. Traveling on this road north out of Riverton will put you at Loon Lake after 23.4-miles.

The Trailhead Starts On The West Side Of The Lake, Near The Dam.

The Rubicon Trail is best enjoyed over at least two days. Dispersed camping, camping outside of designated sites, is allowed throughout most of the area.
Popular spots include Buck Island Lake, Ellis Creek, Wentworth Springs, and the observation point at Cadillac.
The Rubicon Trail is 22 miles/35.4 km long. But you know it is famous for its obstacles and challenges in the way.
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Price can range from $3700.00 to $4000.00 per person. These prices are based on 5 days 4 nights. Prices can vary depending on how many jeeps are going and how many people in the jeep. For more information on this Amazing Adventure just Click THIS BUTTON AND FILL OUT INFORMATION

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