Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's General information

What Las Vegas Rock Crawlers provides:

  • A fun filled day with excitement and adventure
  • Safety
  • Half and full day Jeep tours outside the heart of Las Vegas.
  • Fully equipped Jeep that you Drive yourself or Ride as passenger.
  • Scenic Trails
  • Bottled water for half day trips. Bottled water and Lunch for full day trips.
  • Experienced Guide
  • Pick up and Drop off at Hotel

What to Wear & Bring:

  • Proof of a valid Driver’s License issued from within the United States at time of hotel pick-up.
  • Wear sturdy comfortable shoes or boots, as you will have opportunities to hike and walk.
  • Wear comfortable outdoor clothing. 
  • Wear shorts and a comfortable top for summer weather.
  • Wear long pants, light jacket, and long sleeve shirts for winter weather.
  • Dress for the weather and your own personal comfort. We recommend checking the weather before you come.
  • If your eyes are sensitive you will want to bring sunglasses
  • Chap stick 
  • Sunscreen
  • Camera (optional)

What not to Bring

  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Bad Attitude
  • No smoking in the vehicles (smoking is available at any stopping of the trail outside of the vehicle)
  • Large coolers
  • Weapons of any kind
Small Jeep UTV 600 400


  • Children’s minimum age is 18 months. Parental supervision a must!  If you do not have a car seat please *inform us ahead of time, so that we may provide one for you.
  • Open year round, seven days a week (closed December 25). 
  • Reservations recommended in advance.
  • Our location is about a mile and a half from the strip. 
  • Las Vegas Rock Crawlers Tours reserves the right to alter, modify or cancel any tour due to weather or unsafe conditions, including driver ability.
  • Prices are per Jeep including 2 people, gratuity is up to you. 
  • Tour availability and prices subject to change without notice. 
  • Tour size minimum: 1 Vehicles
  • Cancellation policy: No refund will be given for less than 72 hour notice on 1 or 2 Jeep bookings. 
  • For groups of 3 or more vehicles no refund.

What times do your tours depart?
Tour times change with the season. If you have booked a tour check your e-mail confirmation for the time or call our office. Tour times can change based on a number of different reasons if your concerned with a specific time call our office.

What is the minimum age for children on your tours?
The minimum age on our tours is 1½ years old with parental supervision.

What is your cancellation policy?
For 1-2 Jeep bookings we have a 100% cancellation charge for less than 72 hours notice. There is no cancellation charge with more than 72 hours notice. For Groups of 3 Jeeps and more please read under other information. 

What should we bring/wear?
We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and outdoor clothing. Sunscreen and hats are recommended. Remember to bring your camera and film.
Dress for the current climent.
Are your vehicles air conditioned?
Our jeeps are air conditioned; there are times of the year that we will ride with the hard tops off.

Is there any hiking on your tours?
There are some areas that we will be able to walk and hike up some trails.

Can you pick me up at my hotel?
Hotel pick-up and drop-off is available at typically three hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. When making a reservation hotel pick-up locations and pick-up time will be reviewed.

What happens if it rains?
Our tours operate rain or shine. Las Vegas being located in the Mohave Desert and averages 4-5 inches of rain per year. The Southwest has a lot of micro climates so most rainfall is short lived. The rainfall offers a chance for rainbows and waterfalls providing spectacular photo opportunities. If there is a treat of flash flooding or lightning we at our desecration may shorten or cancel the trip.

Is it customary to tip the tour guide and if so, how much?
Yes, it is customary to tip your guide. The usual gratuity is 15%. We can add the gratuity to your charge card or you can tip your guide directly.

How many people do your vehicles hold?
Our Jeeps hold a maximum of 4-5 passengers depending on the Jeep model.

Can we bring our lunch and eat in the vehicle?
You can bring snacks on your trip. You will be able to eat on the trail at one of our stops. We will provide bottled water.

Can we split the payments between more than one person?
We can split payments any way you prefer.

Will there be other people in the vehicle with me?
You or your party are the only people that will be in the vehicle. But we reserve the right to have you ride with others or others to ride with you.

Can I get a private vehicle?
When you book your initial price if for one or two passengers each additional passenger is an additional $25.00.  

You may email your questions to lasvegasrockcrawlers@gmail.com.

Why does it seem like so much money to do a Jeep  Adventure?
The history of jeep is amazing going back to the early military days when the vehicle was used as a low cost means for transporting troops. After the war was over soldiers that had experienced what a jeep was capably of wanted that freedom and ability to go off-road in places they had never been.

To date that spirit is still alive and growing bigger than ever before. Jeep corporations has done a great job staying in touch with what the customer is looking for when it comes to off-road capability.

The Jeep Rubicon model comes with locking axles so the power and traction is transferred to all four wheels at the same time. The four wheel drive low gear ratio is reduced 4:1 which give the jeep an ability to crawl over very extreme obstacles. The front axle was upgraded to a Dana 44 replacing the Dana 30. The extra strength give the Rubicon Jeep the ability to run larger tires and wheel that not only give them a cool look, but the ability to go even more places.

The aftermarket products have absolutely been on fire, decking out a jeep is almost as much fun as taking them off-road. From Lift Kits, Wheels and Tires, Winches, soft tops, half door, bumpers, fenders, and the list goes on making jeep one of the most customized vehicles in the world.

So what does all this have to do with my Tour? See it doesn’t matter if you have a jeep, would like one, or are just wondering what a Jeep has to offer? Our priority is making your experience well worth the money and that starts with the vehicle that comes with tour. Anyone can put a tour together with a cheap ride that feels more like a lawn mower than a 4X4. Or throw you in the back of an overstuffed vehicle and tell you you’re 4-wheeling. Jeep has the history of the great outdoors and that’s why we’ve chose them.

Southern Nevada has an amazing trail system that off a wide verity of adventures. From Sand Dunes to Pine Trees, rock gardens to mining trails each one is unique and well worth the time it take to explore them. Couple that together with a pretty nice ride and you’ve got a great reason to spend all or part of your day with LasVegasRockCrawlers.com

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