Red Sand Stone Rock, Best 4-Wheeling in Nevada, about an hour out of Vegas.

 Modified Jeep Wrangler LJ with 37 or 40" tires,       6" Lift,         Lockers,         Fuel,               Water,          Lunch,          Fun         &        Photos .

What you get and a few Reviews



*YOU DRIVE in one of our modified jeep wranglers following our tour guide on an off-road trail.

*SWITCH DRIVERS  for all who are 21 yrs of age with a valid drivers license. Each person experiencing  off-road adventure whether a passenger or driver.

*NO EXPERIENCE needed. Our tour guides are trained to get you through the trail safely.

Valley of Fire Jeep Tour

*OUR MOST TECHNICAL LOCAL TRAIL,  jump right into it with this one. This trail has been if not in all then most off road magazines for many many years.

*THE BEST 4-WHEELING IN NEVADA for a lot of us it's a hidden treasure. For those who know this is the place to go off roading in Nevada. 

*LOGANDALE TRAIL  is a multi-use trail system that consists of well marked trails,  restrooms & camping. 

*ROCK BOTTOM TRAIL, BRONCO FALLS TRAIL, SHEDDER TRAIL,  rated 7 or above, these trails are not for a stock vehicle unless your planning on dragging it through.


*VALLEY OF FIRE  Nevada first State Park derives its name from red sandstone formations which formed from shifting sand dunes 150 million years ago. 



April 29 · 

We had a great time driving on the trails and climbing the sand dunes and rocks north of Nellis AFB. Tim was a great guide, and the agility of the Jeeps was amazing. Looking forward to doing that again next time we are in Vegas.


June 6 · 

great crew, knowledgable, know how to enjoy wheeling. Take pride in their rigs and fleet. cant wait to go with them again!


April 5 · 

This is a must do if in the Vegas area. Great people to work with,the Jeeps are great and the trails are amazing. The guides were spot on with guiding you through every aspect.
will definitely do again. thank you for the best part of my Vegas trip. who needs casinos when you have rocks!




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Have you ever wanted to just get away from Las Vegas and Explore and Adventure the surrounding areas.  You came to the right spot LAS VEGAS ROCK CRAWLERS will give you what your looking for in an adventure full of Scenic Views and outstanding  Off-Roading.

Display their FAQs

  • How old do you have to be to drive?   Must be 21 yrs of age and a valid drivers license
  • I  do not have a United States Drivers license can I still drive? Yes you  must provide a international drivers license or a license in your country that is in English.
  • How old do you have to be to be a passenger? 2 yrs of age
  • How many people  can I have in a jeep? 4 in the two door and 5 in the 4 door
  • Are the jeeps automatic or stick shift? All jeeps are automatic
  • What kind of jeeps will we be in? Most jeeps are LJ jeep Wranglers that are modified with 40 inch tires and 6" lift with custom bumpers, fenders, and one ton axles, lockers and air compressors.
  • Do I need to have experience? No experience needed.
  • What do I bring? 

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